Java Programming Books For Beginners | 4 Books You should Read

Java Programming Books

Java is one of the old programming languages, And Many books have been published since then. Base on my experience in the Java Programming field, I have collected the name of a few Java Programming books that are best for beginner Java Programmers, Who are just starting their learning journey of becoming Java Developer. 

Java Programming Books For Beginners

The following books are selected based on my own research and are not a standard. Feel free to do your own research while choosing one of the books. I am a Java Programmer and these books have helped me to learn from them and this is the reason I am including them in the list. These books are available on Amazon and on their Publisher websites. I am not affiliated with them and Not earning from the link given there.

Java: The Complete Reference

This book is a fully updated book for Java Standard Edition. The current edition is the eleventh edition and explains the process of how to develop a java program, how to compile a Java Program, and How to debug a Java Program. Java: The Complete Reference, Eleventh Edition is written by Herb Schildt which covers the complete java programming. The book starts with the introduction of the basic topics like control statements and then Going through the basics to advanced topics and finally reached to teach you Graphical user Interface with swing and AWT.
View this Book on Amazon, Java: The Complete Reference.

Head First Java, 2nd Edition

Learning Java is not an easy task, but the Head First Series of Programming books have always been the best ever approach to make things simple and facilitate the learner with the easy-to-understand way of learning programming. Head First Java is another book of the Head First Series. The Head First Java Book Book is a combination of puzzles, Mysteries, and Strong visuals that keep the reader engaged in different ways. This book is a complete introduction to object-oriented programming and Java Programming. The best thing I like about this book is that this book has very strong visuals which help the reader to be engaged with the book.
Read more about this book on Amazon, Head First Java, Second Edition.

Java Programming Books For beginners

Effective Java 3rd Edition

You will thank Joshua Bloch the author of this book after reading this book. This book has an almost 5 stars review with very good feedback from the readers. In this book, the author will introduce you to the new design patterns and language idioms that will help you most of the time. This book will teach you the techniques and best practices on classic topics including objects, methods, and serialization. The book also focuses on the Most fundamental libraries Like Java.lang and Java.util and as well as the io library.
Read more about this book on Amazon, Effective Java 3rd Edition.

Learn Java in One Day and Learn It Well

If you are someone who likes to learn by doing projects then for sure this book is for you. In this book, complex concepts are broken into simple steps so that one can easily understand and be the master of the Java Programming language even if you are completely new to programming. The book includes examples that are carefully chosen to illustrate the concepts and are related to the topic so you will be focusing on the topic only with beautiful and interesting topics. The book covers basic concepts and then goes beyond the basic and introduces you to the concepts of the Object-Orientation. 
View this Book On Amazon, Learn Java in One Day and Learn It well.

Summary and Conclusion:-

These are some books that personally helped me in my Java Programming Learning Journey. Hope you find them useful. If you want to add a book base on your experience, Please put them in the comment section. If you are interested in other python tutorials please visit my youtube channel Code with Ali.

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