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With these 7 Python Programming Books, you can Become an expert Python Programmer. Start with one of the following books that best suit your level of coding. The following list includes books from amazon best sellers. The link to each will be given in the respective section of the book. Just to remind you that I am not earning from these links means that These links are not affiliated.

Top 7 Books to Learn Python Programming

To remind you of these I choose these books as the Top Books for learning Python programming base on my own research and my own study. This is not advisable to choose and you have your choice to choose from these books or any other books. This is just an honest review of What I have learned so far from most of these books. So let's get started.

  1. PYTHON: 5 Manuscripts in 1 Book

    If you want to learn Python Programming well and fast then this book is for you. This book is specifically prefered for students who want to learn Data Analysis and Data Science with Python. This book also covers a little bit of Machine Learning concepts. 
    This book covers Python for beginners and then going towards Advanced Programming with Python. Once that is covered the book also covers Data Analysis and Analytics. Not only that the Book cover Data Science Concepts as well and In the end, but it also goes towards Machine Learning. 
    If you want to learn Python and Love to work with data then this book is for you. 
    Find more about this book (PYTHON:5 Manuscripts in 1 Book) On Amazon

  2. The Big Book of Small Python Projects

    Personally I like learn Python Programming by doing small Python Projects. Projects make you motivated and engaged. This book has a unique technique of explaining the concepts. You will find more interesting projects in this book like the Hangman, BlackJack, and other games to play against your friend or the computer. You will also create some Animations by the end of this book. If you choose this book you will have a lot of fun learning python. 
    Find More about this Book On Amazon, The Big Book of Small Python Projects

  3. Python for Everybody 

    Charles R is one of the leading Computer Science experts teaching in different universities. I started learning python from his 10 hours long video. And this book, it is just a masterpiece. You will learn Python Programming from basic to advance levels. This book is designed for students to introduce them to programming and software development. This book will tell you how to solve your problems with the Python Programming language. 
    Find More about this Book On Amazon, Python for EveryBody.

  4. Head First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide

    Paul Barry comes up with this Book, when everyone was just tired of Bored books. This book is explained in a way that you will never get the bored reading a book. This series really works for those who hate reading books. This book is different than other books as the other says that it is based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory. 
    View This Python Book Head First Python On Amazon.

  5. Python: 3 Books in 1 by Andy Vickler

    This book is a combination of the three famous books of the author Andy Vickler. These three books are really awesome. They are Python basics for beginners, Python Automation Techniques and web Scraping, and Python for Data Science and Machine Learning. This book has currently 5 stars rating which is really rare in this category. You should give it a try.
    View this book on Amazon, Python: 3 books in 1

  6. The Complete Guide to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Python

    As Book Number 5, this book also has 3 books in this one book. This book as mentioned is the combination of 3 books of the author and contains everything from basic to advance. This book is written by three authors and you can guess who much effort they have put into creating this book. The book contains Data Analytics and Machine Learning concepts as well. 
    View this book on Amazon, The Complete Guide to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Python

  7. Practical Python Programming for IoT

    If you are into hardware, then You must read this book this book contains concepts related to Raspberry Pi and other hardware-related concepts that one can do with Python. This book is for application developers and IoT Professionals. 
    Read More about this Book on Amazon, Practical Python Programming for IoT.

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Summary and Conclusion:-

These are the books that you might choose from. Read the customers feedback as well before purchasing any books, as they are most useful sometimes. If you are interested in other python tutorials please visit my youtube channel Code with Ali.


I’m Ali, Founder of I am a Software developer, and I love to write articles to help students, developers, and learners. I started because of my love for Python, Java, and WebDev.

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