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There are more than thousands of Programming languages out there for different purposes. C and C++ are used for low-level Programming, Java is used to achieve Platform independent applications that can work on any operating system. In this article, we will see the Different Programming languages in the field of Cloud computing.

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Cloud Computing:-

In old days, to provide services to clients, the organization must have created their server in their own space, where they could deploy their application and maintain the requests of the users. It was hard and tough. Everyone should have to care for their own server and if something bad happens then the user would have to face issues. To make things simple, Cloud computing Comes into play,  Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet for managing and storing data on a remote server. Now you do not need your own server, you can use the resources of someone else, to manage and store data.

Programming languages for cloud

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Programming Languages for Cloud Computing.

There are tons of Computer programming languages that can be used for Cloud Computing and depends on the Cloud Platform. Some Platform Like Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, and IBM Cloud uses multiple Programming languages which can help us access their cloud platform. Other platforms may be using one or two.

Although there are a huge amount of languages that can be used by the different platforms but the most popular programming languages that can be used for cloud computing are the following.

Python For Cloud Computing:-

Python is a high-level programming language Mainly uses for general-purpose programming.In the early days, there were many programming languages, every programming language have its own specific task to perform. In the meanwhile, the creator of the Python programming language, Guido van Rossum designed the python programming language for the purpose of simplicity and general purpose.  Python programming language is multi-Paradigm and object-oriented,  But it also supports imperative and functional programming concepts. And we can not say that python is a pure object-oriented programming langue. 

If you know a python programming language, which is easy, then there are very few chances for you to be failed in the world of computer programming. python programming language is supported by many Cloud Platforms. 

And the best platform that we can think of is Google cloud and the good news for the python developer is that  Google Cloud has the tools Python developers need to be successful in building cloud-native applications. Build your apps quicker with SDKs and in-IDE assistance and then scale as big, or small, as you need on Cloud Run, GKE, or Anthos.

Python For Cloud Computing

Python is supported By the Following Cloud Platforms:

  • A2 Hosting
  • Chemicloud
  • PythonAnywhere
  • FastComet
  • Heroku
  • NodeChef
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS Cloud

Go Programming For Cloud Computing

With the help of the Go Programming language, you can build a high scale cloud Computing system. Go Programming language is very effective when it comes to building Google Cloud computing services. To learn more on how you can use the Go Programming language for Cloud Computing, Click here. 

Go Programming language is designed and developed by Google Developers. The Go programming language, although first appeared in 2009 but got exposure in recent years. Go is a statically typed and compiled programming language. It is much similar to the C Programming language when it comes to the syntax of the Go Language. 

Go is supported By the Following Cloud Platforms:

  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud

C# For Cloud Computing

With the help of C# most popular framework .Net you can build fast, scalable, and modern Cloud applications on most of the platforms. .Net is accepted by most of the cloud companies, that provide Cloud computing services.  The .Net is mostly recommended by Azure, as these two are products of Microsoft. Azure is the best cloud computing Platform if you are someone who already knows C#. The Azure also provides you with ready-made templates which can help you do things much faster than on any other platform. Although you can work with azure with python and other programming languages this is mainly built for the .Net Developer. 

C# is supported By the Following Cloud Platforms:

  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure(Recommended)
  • AWS Cloud

Java For Cloud Computing

As we all know Java is developed by Oracle. The Oracle Company has continuously struggling to keep the Java Programming language in the market. And they are almost succeeded upon till now as java is still one of the most popular programming languages. When the word of Cloud Technology get into the industry the Oracle Company introduced the Oracle Java cloud service, which can help you quickly create, configure and manage  Your Java Extriprise edition Application on their Oracle Cloud Environment. 

If you are someone who already knows java, it will take a fraction of time to manage your service on the Oracle cloud. Since August 31, 2020, Java Cloud Service is in controlled availability. 

Java is supported By the Following Cloud Platforms:

  • Oracle (Recommended)
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS Cloud

Javascript For Cloud Computing

Javascript is a server-based and client-side Programming language nowadays. In the early days, javascript was thought only of as a Web Programming Language. but nowadays you can do so much with javascript. Javascript is supported by many major cloud platforms. 

Very good news for JavaScript Developers is that Google Cloud has the tools JavaScript developers need to successfully build cloud-native applications. Build your apps quicker with SDKs, in-IDE assistance, and native runtime support on Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and GKE. Google Cloud can run your application end-to-end.

Javascript is supported By the Following Cloud Platforms:

  • Oracle
  • NodeChef(Recommended)
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS Cloud

Summary and Conclusion:-

DO not worry about the computer programming languages and Just learn Cloud computing, There is always a platform that will support the Programming languages that is your favourite and you know about that language. Let me know what are your thoughts about this article in the comment section. I will be glad to hear from you.

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