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An amazing Python book, which will take you from a beginner to the right track of learning Python programming. These 217 pages contain all materials that are needed for a beginner to learn to program. If you are someone who is new to python programming you need to read this book. 

What is special about this Python book?

This Python book, named "beej's Ghid to Python programming", has a unique way of explaining things. This Python book will help you get confident in yourself as a python programmer, No jokes but you will be thinking of yourself as a python programmer. The practical approach of this book is what helps me to mention this book in the article. If you are into python programming I definitely recommend reading this book as this will teach you Python programming from basics and explain each concept in a practical way. 

Python Programming book

Who this book is for?

Beginning programmers. If you have limited experience or no experience, this book is targeted at you! Attitude Prerequisite: be inquisitive, curious, have an eye for puzzles and problem solving, and be willing to take on difficult challenges. Technical Prerequisite: be a computer user. You know what files are, how to move them and delete them, what subdirectories (folders) are, can install software, and how to type.

Python Programming language is A very large number of Python Libraries. That can make your task even easier. Some of the Python Libraries that you should know are here.

Table Of Contents:

  1. How do I write a program?
  2. The Problem That Needs Solving
  3. Data and Processing Data
  4. Flow Control and Looping
  5. What is a String?
  6. Lists
  7. Dictionaries
  8. Functions
  9. Classes and Objects
  10. Importing Modules
  11. Reading Files
  12. Exceptions

Where can I get the python programming pdf?

This is an open-source book and can be easily downloaded from the below link. This book is python in pdf format, which is the best format to read a book. It is not illegal and it is under the creative commons license.

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