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Yes, you can build awesome applications with the python programming language. This amazing Python programming book will teach you how you can build applications by using the python programming language. the book contains a real-world application created using a python programming language.

Build application with Python

Who this Python book is for?

This is a free Python book, written by Suraj. The book's target audience is from beginner level to intermediate level python enthusiasts. By reading this book you will be able to get the intermediate level of skills in a python programming language. the book is about 75 pages but has the potential of 300 normal pages. it is the most practical book I have ever seen. if you are someone who is no fan of theory, then this book is definitely recommended. 

Contents of the Book

  • Python 2 vs Python3
  • Installation
  • How to run Python code?
  • Variables
  • Taking input from the user
  • Exercise
  • Variable types
  • Numeric
  • Operators
  • Operator priority
  • Assignment
  • Multiply
  • Exercise
  • Add
  • Equality
  • Division
  • Power
  • Shortcut operators
  • Membership test
  • Boolean operators
  • High-level data structures
  • List
  • List Methods
  • Getting Help
  • Tuples
  • Set
  • Constructs
  • Indentation
  • File handling
  • Writing files
  • Reading files
  • Appending files
  • Exception handling
  • Functions
  • Return
  • Building a todo list manager
  • Input
  • Output
  • Formatting output
  • Formatting
  • Adding commands
  • Handling errors
  • Storing user data
  • Listing tasks
  • Adding a task
  • Our first bug!
  • Removing tasks
  • Using modules
  • Make Code Great Again!
  • Some examples
  • Merge two files
  • Student Marks Manager
  • CSV to SQL generator

How to download this python programming pdf?

This is an open-source book and can be easily downloaded from the below link. This book is python in pdf format, which is the best format to read a book. It is not illegal and it is under the creative commons license.

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