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What is special about this Python book?

The name of the book is "A Practical Introduction to Python Programming". This Python book will help you get confident in yourself as a python programmer, No jokes but you will be thinking of yourself as a python programmer. The practical approach of this book is what helps me to mention this book in the article. If you are into python programming I definitely recommend reading this book as this will teach you Python programming from basics and explain each concept in a practical way. 

Python book cover

Why learn Python Programming Language?

People starting out with programming always ask which language to choose, and most of the experienced programmers, computer scientists, software engineers, coding experts, and others who are related to the field of programming recommend python programming language as the first language to start with. I am not saying all of the computer programmers recommend the python programming language as a first language to start with, some of the software developers recommend c++, others recommend java and there are reasons behind the recommendation for these languages. Python Programming language is recommended due to its simplicity and ease of learning. Java and c++ are recommended because you will learn programming concepts very well with these programming languages. But for non-technical Students, I will definitely recommend starting the Python Programming language. 

How to Learn Python Programming Language? 

The best way to learn any Programming language is to read a beautiful book on the Programming language. this is how most people learn to program. Some people prefer to learn the language by doing it, and that method somehow works. The problem with that type of learning is that you will initially find it helpful but as you go advance in learning and doing you will find it difficult and the curve will be going exponentially until you start with the beginning and learn the basic concepts. So I recommend starting with a good programming book and learning it from scratch.

Which book is best for Learning Python?

There are plenty of books to learn a python programming language, and sometimes it is hard to find the best books for learning a python programming language. But I am on the mission to bring you the best books over the stack of programming books. there is always something new to learn from a book but sometimes it is so time-consuming if you do not have the right programming book. This book whose name is " A Practical Introduction to Python Programming: written by "Brain Heninold " who is basically a Mathematcianan, is the best book for those who are learning a python programming language.

The best PDF to learn Python Programming Language?

The format of this python programming book is of course the pdf. which most of the people is preferring. this python book " a practical introduction to python programming " is in pdf format and the link to this book is available at the end of this article.

What you will learn from this Python Programming book?

most people judge the book by its cover but unfortunately, this book doesn't have a cover but only has a table of contents. which may be new for you. so we will judge this book by the table of contents. 

Table Of Contents:

  1. Printing the Hello World
  2. For Loops
  3. Numbers and Operations
  4. Control Statements
  5. Counting
  6. Summing
  7. Swapping
  8. Strings in Python
  9. Lists In Python
  10. random Module
  11. While Loops
  12. Break Statement in Python
  13. Data types in Python
  14. Dictionaries in Python
  15. Working with Text Files
  16. Functions
  17. Object-Oriented Programming
  18. Graphics
  19. Gui Programming with Tkinter
  20. Useful Modules
  21. Regular Expressions
  22. Maths with Python
  23. Exception Handling

Where can I find the Python Book?

This python book will be available here you can download this python book by just clicking on the following book. It is not illegal and it is under the creative commons license.

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