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If you are in the field of computer programming then Python Programming needs no introduction. Python programming language is one of the fastest-growing computer programming languages. 

The link to the Book is at the end of the article. I strongly recommend reading the complete article.

Python programmers are in high demand in the whole world and especially python programmers are in high demand in the united stated of America (USA).  if you have chosen to learn python programming to learn, congratulations to you, you have chosen the right path. 

What is special about this Python book?

You will build projects with Python. Some of the Projects that are in the book are the following

  • Areas of the Flag
  • Bowling Scores
  • Musical Pitches
  • Chess Game Notation

You need this book because you need to learn Python. Here are a few reasons why you might need to learn Python. The Python Programming book "Building your skills in python" is written by Steven F.Lott, is a python book whose target audience is ranged from absolute beginners to intermediate Python programmers. You will learn a lot from the basics, and in a while, I will share the complete table of content that can give you a high-level overview of the book. 

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How you can Learn Python Programming Language?

A most frequent question by the beginners and computer science students is that how can I start and from where can I start learning python programming. So there is not a single answer to these questions. but I will try my best to answer it in a very compact way. My thoughts about learning python programming are that you just how to get started by downloading python. so the first step is to download python, install it and learn some basics like python for loop and then you will be good in python coding. Start with a python book. Download a python pdf that best suits your level of learning. I am writing articles about different programming books and this is kind of a review you can say which can give you insights of a book, whether it is good for you or not. so pick a book that best suits you. if you are an absolute beginner then I recommend downloading the python book that I have mentioned in the previous article, which you can download from here. A Practical Introduction to Python Programming, which I think is the very best book for those who are just started with python programming. Look at the course content of that book and if you like it then you can download that python pdf easily.

Table Of Contents:

    • Command-Line Interaction
    • The IDLE Development Environment
    • Script Mode
    • Getting Help
    • Syntax Formalities
  2. Simple Numeric Expressions and Output
    • Numeric Types and Operators
    • Numeric Conversion (or “Factory”) Functions
    • Built-In Math Functions
    • Expression Exercises
  3. Advanced Expressions
    • Using Modules
    • The math Module
    • The random Module
    • Advanced Expression Exercises
    • Bit Manipulation Operators
    • Division Operators
  4. Variables, Assignment and Input
    • Variables
    • The Assignment Statement
    • Input Functions
    • Multiple Assignment Statement
    • The del Statement
  5. Truth, Comparison and Conditional Processing
    • Truth and Logic
    • Comparisons
    • The pass Statement
  6. Loops and Iterative Processing
    • Iterative Processing
    • break and continue
    • For All and There Exists
    • The for Statement
  7. Functions
    • Semantics
    • The def and return Statements
    • Object Method Functions
    • Some Examples
  8. Data Structures
    • Strings, Tuples, and Lists
    • String Semantics
    • Tuples
    • Lists
    • Mappings and Dictionaries
    • Sets
    • Exceptions
    • Iterators and Generators
  9. Files
  10. Functional Programming with Collections
  11. Advanced Mapping Techniques
  12. Classes
  13. Some Design Patterns
  14. Creating or Extending Data Types
  15. Attributes, Properties and Descriptors
  16. Decorators
  17. Modules
  18. Packages
  19. The Python Library
  20. Projects
    • Areas of the Flag
    • Bowling Scores
    • Musical Pitches
    • Chess Game Notation

Python Programming language is A very large number of Python Libraries. That can make your task even easier. Some of the Python Libraries that you should know are here.

Where can I get the python programming pdf?

This is an open-source book and can be easily downloaded from the below link. This book is python in pdf format, which is the best format to read a book. It is not illegal and it is under the creative commons license.

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