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This book is about a software design methodology. A methodology is a set of guidelines that help you to reach your goal effectively, thus saving time, implementing far-sighted solutions, and avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel time and again.

As other professionals around the world face problems and try to solve them, some of them, having discovered a good way to solve a problem, decide to share their experience, usually in the form of a “best practices” post on a blog, or talk at a conference. We also speak of patterns¹, which are formalised best practices, and anti-patterns, when it comes to advice about what not to do and why it is better to avoid a certain solution.

Often, when best practices encompass a wide scope, they are designated a methodology. The definition of a methodology is to convey a method, more than a specific solution to a problem. The very nature of methodologies means they are not connected to any specific case, in favour of a wider and more generic approach to the subject matter. This also means that applying methodologies without thinking shows that one didn’t grasp the nature of a methodology, which is to help to find a solution and not to provide it.

This is why the main advice I have to give is: be reasonable; try to understand why a methodology leads to a solution and adopt it if it fits your need. I’m saying this at the very beginning of this book because this is how I’d like you to approach this work of mine.

The clean architecture, for example, pushes abstraction to its limits. One of the main concepts is that you should isolate parts of your system as much as possible, so you can replace them without affecting the rest. This requires a lot of abstraction layers, which might affect the performance of the system, and which definitely require a greater initial development effort. You might consider these shortcomings unacceptable or perhaps be forced to sacrifice cleanness in favor of execution speed, as you cannot afford to waste resources.

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