How to make a GET Request in Python


GET request is used to request data from the server. Making a GET request with python can be made in several ways. Below are a few methods that can help you learn the bits and bytes of GET request.

making a get request with python

Making a GET request with an HTTP package:-

You can use the Built-in HTTP python package to make a GET request and of course, it can give you more control over making a get request. And this is the recommended way for making a GET request. This method is also used to make other packages like requests and requests-HTML. Below are a few ways that can help you learn more about how to make HTTP requests with different parameters. 

We need to use the standard HTTP package and then create the instance on HTTPCOnnection which takes one required argument and two optional arguments. The required argument it takes is the host. Below is the code that will return an HTTPConnection object that will tell us more about the request. This is how we can make an HTTP get request with python. While making this type of request the default port is used which is 80.

import http.client
response = http.client.HTTPConnection('')

we can pass the port number and the timeout for our request as well if we want as they are optional with the HTTPConnection class.

Using the HTTPSConnection class is even more helpful and gives us the extra space to add more power to it. for example, we can limit the size of the response that we are receiving in chunks. this can be done with the help of the blocksize of the HTTP.

import http.client
connection = http.client.HTTPSConnection("")
connection.request("GET", "/")
response = connection.getresponse()

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