About Us

WELCOME Hope you’re doing Great!

I’m Ali, Founder of alixaprodev.com. I am a Software developer, and I love to write articles to help students, developers, and learners. I started alixaprodev.com because of my love for Python, Java, and Android.

Here at AlixaProDev.com, we are focused on

  • Python Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Android Application Development

Why did I start AlixaProDev.com

I was always passionate about sharing my knowledge and was in search of a platform to share my knowledge And this is how I start working on this site. This is my platform to share my knowledge and experience with all of the developers’ community. I hope my articles will save you some time and get things done quickly.

How can you contact me?

I am active on almost every social media platform. if you want to contact me you are most welcome to contact me on any of the following Social Platforms. I will be more than happy to Help you.

Thank You

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