How to install Python – Complete Setup Guide

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. In order to work with python, you need to create the development Environment for Python. In this article, I will guide you to install Python and run your first Python program.

What is Python?

Python is a Programming Language that helps us create computer programs. With Python, we can create Desktop applications, Mobile Applications, and other Utilities. Python is not going to fail you in any field. Python is famous for providing different Python modules which help you make your work easier.

How can I code in Python?

You will need to install a python interpreter and then write some code using any text editor. Then using the python interpreter, execute that python source file.To run Python code use the following steps

  • Install Python
  • Write some python code in a file
  • Save the file with the ‘.py’ extension
  • run the code using cmd as python

Install Python

Now you have learned that you need to install python before you run some Python code. Let me tell you how you can install the Python Programming language. Python comes with an installer that you need to install.Follow these steps to install Python

  • go to the python download Page
  • Download the installer according to your operating system
  • double click on the installer
  • check the ‘add to path‘ option and click on next
  • It will take a few seconds to install Python

Install an IDE

you have installed the Python interpreter, you still need a code editor to write code in. You can use notepad, but it will be a little difficult to write code in there. You need to install IDE for Python.

Popular IDEs for Python

The following IDEs are the best IDEs for the Python programming language. You can choose any of them to write python code.

  • PyCharm
  • Spider
  • VScode
  • Sublime
  • Atom

These are the popular IDEs for writing python code. Among all of them, Pycharm is very famous for the python programming language. It is developed by JetBrains Company and is very specific to the Python Programming language. So I recommend installing Pycharm.

Which IDE is Best For Python?

If you have a good Computer then Pycharm IDE is good for Python otherwise install VSCode or Sublime Text.

Install VSCode

VScode is an IDE and can be configured to set up a development environment for any language. Most of the time I am using VScode and most of the developer community prefer it.TO install VSCOde follow these steps

  • Go to the download page of VSCODE click here
  • Download the Installer according to your Operating system
  • After downloading, double click the installer
  • Click on next and install it with the default settings

Run Python Program in VScode

Once python is installed and also the vscode is installed. Open the Vscode and create a file with the .py extension. Write some python code in it. And in the top right corner click on the green button. It will run your python code.

Summary and Conclusion:

To summarize what we did so far? In this tutorial, we have learned the following key topics.

  • Learn about Python
  • Install Python
  • Install VScode
  • run python code in vscode

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