How to install requests Library In Python

Are you facing any problems in the installation of the requests module python? Here is all you need to know to install the requests library in Python. Requests is a python library which can help you make HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests to a specific website and get some response.

How to Install Python requests Module?

Use pip to install the requests module in python. run the following code in the terminal and the requests library will be installed on your computer.

pip install requests

alternatively, you can use the python -m command along with pip to install the python requests-module

python -m pip install requests

How to install Python requests Package on Windows 10?

By using the pip command you can install the python requests package on any operating system including windows 10 and windows as long as python is installed on the system. 

How to install Python requests Module on Linux?

You can use the 

sudo pip install requests 

Install requests module in the python programming language. 

How to install Python requests Package using git ?

you can use the git clone command to download the Python requests package. You will need to set up git before you run this command. After you have installed git then you can run the following command to download and after downloading you can install it by using the following commands.

$ git clone git:// 
$ cd requests
$ python -m pip install

How to install Requests Library on Mac?

When you are installing the requests library on mac, you may be facing some errors so you need to run the following command to install the python requests module.

import pip

Is it Necessary to Install the requests Library in each Python Project?

No, it is not necessary to install the requests library in each python project, only and only if you have installed it globally. but if you have installed it in your virtual environment then you definitely need to install the requests package in that virtual environment.

ImportError: No module named requests

This error occurs because you need to install the requests Module. Use pip install requests and then you will not get this error. All this error say is that you need to install the requests module to work with the methods and functions present in the Module.

requests library features in Python

Python requests library has the following Features

Example of requests library in Python

Just for demonstration purposes, I will put examples of using the requests library in python

Make an HTTP POST request in the requests library

import requests

json_data = {
    'param1': 'value1',
    'param2': 'value2'
URL = ''
r =, json=json_data)

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